Ching Ching Sporty Car Bed with Mattress

Ching Ching Sporty Car Bed with Mattress
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Brand: Ching Ching
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Is your family's baby still sleeping with Dad than Mommy?
Did your family's baby sleep in the winter and hit a cold iron bed?
Do you want to find a safe and stylish bed for your baby?

 For you to introduce this paragraph "covered air" children's sports car bed, the use of non-toxic and tasteless safe materials, and in line with the European inspection standards.
 Four weeks safety protection is not afraid of falling and the design of the round edge of the hollow bed
 The collision will not be as painful as iron beds and solid wood beds, and parents are more at ease!
 Taiwanese manufacturing is a good bed designed for children, considering child safety!
 Quickly buy a cool sports car children's bed for your baby, give your family's baby a most memorable childhood!

★ Mattress shipped without bed bag, dolls and other accessories ★
★ Shipped as a semi-finished product, DIY assembly required separately ★
★Please confirm the content and combination and the dimensions of the home space before ordering★

The pillows (sets), sheets, and fluffy dolls shown in the photo are for reference only and are not for sale.
To avoid the risk of asphyxiation of infants or children, please remove or discard the plastic bags after disassembling.
The color of the product may cause color difference due to the relationship between the webpage rendering and the shooting. The image is for reference only. The actual product model shall prevail.

◎ Item No.: RB03
  ◎Product content: front, left and right side panels, rear, iron pipe x2, plastic bottom board x3, sticker x2 (other accessories are not included in the picture)
  ◎ Packing size: about 168x35x61cm
  ◎ Package weight: about 25kg
  ◎ Carrying weight: about 100KG
  ◎ product size: about 200x95x41cm
  ◎ Product weight: about 24.3kg
  ◎ mattress size: about 160x70x10cm
  ◎ Mattress material: 3M high-density foam (density 24D)
  ◎ table cloth material: 100% polyester fiber moisture absorption heat cloth
  ◎ foam weight: about 3.8kg (including box)
  ◎ Material: PE plastic
  ◎ Applicable age: 2 years old and above
  ◎ Product Origin: Taiwan

Goods Detail: Car Wtih 3 Plastics Panels 2 Iron Poles 
Mattess Size: 160 x 70 x 10 cm (Standard) 
Product Size: 200 x 95 x 41 cm (L x W x H) 
Carton Box: 168 x 35 x54 cm 

Made In Taiwan



Goods Detail: Car Wtih 3 Plastics Panels & 2 Iron Poles 
Mattress Size: 160 x 70 x 10 cm (Available in IKEA)
Product Size: 200 x 95 x 41 cm (L x W x H) 
Carton Box: 168 x 35 x54 cm 

Products with MP3, LED light and 3 hole cable (Suitable to use in Malaysia)

Made In Taiwan





















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