Ching Ching Tree House and Slide (4 in 1)

 Ching Ching Tree House and Slide (4 in 1)
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Brand: Ching Ching
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Easy DIY assembly and installation, easy disassembly for storage, High-Quality PE material, high-temperature resistance, not easy to break or fade, 
indoor and outdoor can be used!! Not only durable but also has both sports and entertainment features!! Compact and lightweight,
whether indoor or outdoor Very suitable for you!!
Modeling slides allow you to easily assemble, high toughness PE material that is safe for Kids to use!
Also comes with soft safety basketball, ball box and net, both sports, and entertainment, 
it is too valued for money!!
★ bright colors, lovely lively style.
★ Train your baby's balance and coordination skills.
★ Increase hand muscle movement and ability.
★ Let your Kids enjoy a variety of games at the same time.
It can promote the development of the children's thigh muscles and the good habit of queuing and ordering. 
Constantly climbing up and down can also allow the baby to achieve full exercise.
Are you worried about kids playing outside and having fun with enterovirus? 
Meet national safety standards and design and develop large-scale recreation toys. 
The design concept of DIY allows large-scale amusement equipment to play at home, easy to disassemble, and children can have fun at home.
‧Basketball frame (with one basketball)
This section is designed as a tree house, can be easily assembled, high tenacity PE material, so that the baby is safer to use,
and also comes with a soft safety basketball, ball box and net, both sports, and entertainment, lightweight, regardless of the indoor It is suitable for outdoor use.
※The color of the tunnel is randomly shipped 
※It can be used together with the game ball (sold separately), adding more fun, treasure super likes, children happy, parents rest assured.
※The material is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Please keep away from the fire source
※CE and ST safety toy certification.
Model Number:SL-17
Suitable age: children aged 3 and up
Size:203cm W *176cm L*120cm H
Material: Advanced PE inflatable plastic
Net weight of goods: 10kg
Withstand weight: about 50kg
Origin: Taiwan
Quantity: 1
[Brand country] Taiwan
【brand introduction】
Kiss trade was established in 1994. Is a leading manufacturer of high-quality blow molding toys, with more than 19 years of experience. Our consistent operation allows you to trust your products from raw materials to final packaging.
It is our aim to design unique, safe and attractive products for children. Make children more fun and learning while playing. We have passed EN71 test, CE standard. All toys have the CE mark.
The goal of the future of loved ones is to develop more new products year by year to bring joy and learning to children. Of course, OEM OEMs are also welcome. Because we have a professional blow-molding technology, kissing toys is always worth your trust.
Commodity safety mark: M51097, R51097
造型溜滑梯讓您輕鬆組裝,高韌度PE材質讓小寶貝使用上更安全!還更附送軟質的安全籃球、球框及球網,不但堅固耐用、兼具了運動與娛樂,實在太超值囉!! 體積輕巧,無論室內或室外都很適合喔!! 
適合年齡:3 and up 歲兒童
★關於親親 CHING-CHING ★ 

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