Ching Ching Dolphin Seesaw & Leaf Table

Ching Ching Dolphin Seesaw & Leaf Table
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The front is a desk chair, which can write, draw, and play games. The reverse is a seesaw.
Easy to assemble, strong and durable. 2 people can use the desk chair, also rocking chair, indoor and outdoor can be used.
Can be used as a desk, game table, rocking chair, seesaw
Let the children learn how to achieve balance in the game, and then understand the principle of leverage.
ST safe toys, made in Taiwan.

Two in One
For Ages: 1~5 Years Old 
Package: 1 Set / Carton / 4.3 cuft 
Product Size : 111 x 68 x 58 cm 

-For Seesaw & Table, Chairs Functions 
-Support up to 80kgs 

Made In Taiwan 
Box Size : 62 x 111 x 19
G.W : 9.3KG

hing Ching 亲亲-树叶两用桌
組裝容易,堅固耐用。 2人可用書桌椅,也是搖搖椅,室內戶外皆可使用。

*可當書桌/遊戲桌/搖搖椅/翹翹板多種功能 ,讓小朋也在遊戲中學習,達到雙方平衡,進而認識桿感原理
適用年齡:1歲 -5歲

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