Ching Ching (Taiwan) Adjustable Height Basketball Set

Ching Ching (Taiwan) Adjustable Height Basketball Set
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Brand: Ching Ching
Product Code: CG-3303
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6 Adjustable level 

Lowest level: 100 cm 
Highest level: 170 cm 

For Ages: 2-3 Years Old 
Product Size: 63 x 56 x220 Cm 
Net Weight: 4kg  
Gross Weight: 5kg 
Package: 16 x 96 x 56 cm 

**Add Water 14.5kg**
W/7" Basketball 

Made In Taiwan 


BOX SIZE: 96.5 H X 56 L X 16 W CM 

GW: 5

Basketball benefits for kids: - Kids who play basketball learn how to be more assertive. This is especially good for girls. In basketball you have to steal the ball from the other team. The only way to do that is get in and grab it. Often this is a hard skill for girls to learn as many girls are not encouraged to be assertive when they are younger. - Joining a basketball team requires kids to learn about commitments. Because teams rely on each other so much it is imperative that kids make all their practices and are ready to go on time. They learn about time management and the value of keeping promises. - There are so many benefits to the game of basketball, especially for kids. When your kids are involved with youth sports they tend to stay out of trouble, do better in school and stay healthy and in shape.

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