WePlay Rock 'N' Fish

WePlay Rock 'N' Fish
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The Weplay Rock "N" Fish is a new version of traditional fishing toys. The 3 types of fish are unique in design with multiple shaped openings, wobble action, and bright colors make the game more inviting to kids. Made in Taiwan.

• To "hook" a fish the children have to be slow and careful which adds complexity.
• A set of rods that are connected together allows for children to work together to catch fish.
• A unique two-sided bait design can catch two sea animals at one time
• The special rod set design is suitable for two kids to work together or one kid playing with both hands, three sea animals provide "Push and Swing" hand movement and pursuit eye movement practice, special curve based design creates more fun and challenge, and the three different shapes of holes on the fish create more challenges.
• The Weplay Rock "N" Fish enhances the stability of hand muscle control, improve hand-eye coordination and enhance patience and observation while it develops social communication skills through teamwork and competition. 
• Enhances the hand-eye muscle control as well as observation and concentration level in children
• Enhances team work coordination and communication among children
The Weplay Rock "N" Fish consist of the following:
• Fish x 2 pcs
• Starfish x 2 pcs
• Crab x 2 pcs
• Bait x 3 pcs
• Single Rod for competition x 2 pcs
• Rod set for cooperation x 1 pc
Applicable Ages: 3 years and up.
Dimension: 51L x 34 W x 41 H cm 
YouTube : http://youtu.be/6ILwLDS4YvQ

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