Weplay Tricky Tree

 Weplay Tricky Tree
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Brand: WePlay
Product Code: WE-KM0002
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Applicable Age : 1 year & Up
Components : Green Bough x 1 pc
                            Base Board x 1 pc
                            Disc x 6 pcs 
Dimensions : 31 x 31 41 cm (L x W x H)
Product code : WE-KM0002

Product Features:
* Special Cactus design with facial discs catches children's attention.
* When setting into or taking out the discs ,multi boughs offers interesting 3D Maze Games .
* 3 different facial rxpression discs help children learn more about emotion and roleplaying games.
* 7 different shapes on the other side of the discs help learn the concept of space and shapes.

Play Value :
* Enchance Bbody movement cocrdination.
* Help children to learn shapes and emotions.
* Learn the Spatial and directional concepts.
* Develop the abilities of matching and logical thinking.

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