WePlay Trike Large

 WePlay Trike Large
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The curvilinear form of design was inspired by the flow of natural elements (wind and cloud, etc) and ancient Chinese calligraphy. These patterns could be seen repeatedly in traditional Chinese relic and historical artifacts. Instead of using hard and stiff lines, Weplay trikes employ soft, curvy lines inspired by ancient “feitian” (Asparas) images found in the cave apex in Dunhuang China.
Weplay tricycles are designed for youngsters. The unique streamine shape of the trike body and its comfortable seat can bring young children lots of fun and exercise. Young children will be able to advance their sense of balance, coordination and motor skills through riding the trike. Red and yellow are traditional Chinese colors; they represent fortune, happiness and luck. In addition, red is one the primary colors, it is sign of caution. That is the reason why all the first phase of WePlay trikes is all in red and yellow.

• The Weplay Trike is made of durable material that provides resistance to damage from the sun and rain. 
• The trike is heavier than regular trikes so it can make a steady turn. 
• It is also designed for ease of use while keeping safety in mind. 
• Its tires have spokeless rims designed especially for children and the wide tires do not need to be inflated. 
• Always take note that the child's heel should just reach the pedal. 
• This Easy Trike has three wheels, high handlebars and a low seat and designed to be used in settings such as schools, preschools and daycares where it will be used frequently. 
• This activity provides good exercise and is loads of fun. 
• The pedals and handle bars help children with their sense of balance. 
• The wide tires do not need to be inflated. 
• Dimensions: 27L x 17W x 14H 
• Weight: 34 lbs 
WE-KM5501, Dimension 88.2 L x 55 W x 65.4 H cm, 5 – 7 years, Maximum User Weight – 40 kg

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