Weplay Balance Arch Full Circle 4 pcs

Weplay Balance Arch Full Circle 4 pcs
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There are multiple ways to play with Weplay Balance Arch, i.e. form a half circle and use it as an arch walkway: form a full circle, or place it on the side, etc, different trainings, challenges and fun for children.

Parts List

¼ Circle (dark green) – 4 pcd
¼ Circle (light green – 4 pcs
Rod - 20 pcs
Connector with bolt – 4 pcs
Connector – 4 pcs
Large Nut – 40 pcs
Small Nut - 16 pcs
Tool – 2 pcs
Applicable Age : 3 years & up

Weight : 8.5kg

Max Loading : 60kg

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