WePlay Forest Party

WePlay Forest Party
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Young children will just love these adorable forest friends such as the caterpillar and the ladybug.

  • Place the pieces on the flat side and they become little hills. Place them on the curvy side and they become swing balance boards. Children can develop different learning abilities through construction and games with the Forest Party
  • The adorable caterpillar and ladybug designs are attractive to children, These cute creatures can be used to build imaginary scenes.
  • Made of materials with appropriate hardness (not too hard or not too soft); hence it is safe and comfortable for children to play with. Suitable for kids of all ages; the playing applications are versatile.
  • The components are of two sizes, big and small, they are ideal to be used in individual plays and parent-child activities.
  • Made of easy to clean (simply wipe with a damp cloth) and the material is not easily stained.


  • When arranged as “hills”, children can develop their motor skills by crawling, walking or swinging on the gentler slopes. When used as a balancer board, children can practice controlling their body movement through finding their center of gravity; they can also stretch their muscles to enhance their resilience.
  • Swinging can create left-right and front-back vestibular balance stimulation, which enhances physical coordination and balance.
  • For children who are learning to walk, the Forest Party it can be arranged into a path with an uneven surface. This teaches children stability when walking.
  • A myriad of ways to play: to arrange a path, to decorate a game corner, to make a “rocking horse”, etc.
  • Forest Party can stimulate children’s imagination and creativity.

Applicable Age : 6 months & up 

Components : 2 x ladybugs , 1 x Caterpillar & 4 x ladybugs ,1 x caterpillar   
Dimension : caterpillar – 120 L x 50 W x 13.5 H cm 
                       Ladybug – 30 L x 50 W x 13.5 H cm 
Maximum Loading : 40 kg per piece.

Weight : 3kg

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