Weplay Gear

Weplay Gear
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• Both small and large gears can well fit into the holes on the panel, and handles onto both small and large gears.
• Compatible design connects each component in a myriad of way to enrich activity assortments.
• The colorgul and cute patterns highly appeal to children.
• Each panel has rubber pegs (with concurrent receptacles) that prevent slip. yet engages when being stacked in any direction.
• Safe with round edges for each component. Lightweight, and easy to move, carry or assemble.
• Little engineers can add this series to the other three We-Blocks to create a fantasy world.

Applicable age : 3 years & up
Panel - 40 L x 40 W x 5 H cm / pc
Large gear – 52 cm diameter 
Small gear – 30 cm diameter 
Handle – 27 L x 15 W cm
Components – Large Gear  x 2 pcs, Small Gear x 4 pcs, Handle  x 2 pcs and Panel x 6 pcs = Total 14 pcs

Weight : 0.8kg

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