WePlay Learning Cube

 WePlay Learning Cube
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•    Circles, triangles, squares and stars of three different heights, help kids to establish the concept of height and sequence.

•    Matching the cubes with the holes of the panel encourages pattern and shape matching.
•    Mirror panels stimulate visual exploration.
•    A  variety of 2D and 3D patterns help kids to fully understand the concept of shapes & space.
•    The building blocks allow kids to play 2D and 3D games.
•    Numbers and dots on the block introduce math concepts.
•    Children can begin to learn to "wire" numbers by using their finger how to "trace" the shape on the block.
•    Helps children to recognize basic shapes such as circle, triangle, square, and star.
•    Improves hand-eye coordination and hand muscle control.
•    Introduces children to the mathematical ideas of quantity and sequence.
•    Builds children's concept of assembling.
•    Allows children to identify shapes by touch, not just sight.
•     Encourages imagination and creative play.
Applicable age: 2 years & up.

YouTube : http://youtu.be/oCElkZRT4B0

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