Chicco Step Up 2 Tripack 250ml adjustable flow - silicone

Chicco Step Up 2 Tripack 250ml adjustable flow - silicone
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Chicco experience in the world of childhood, and its constant ongoing research in the field, have led to the creation of this brand new feeding bottle.

Step Up is the only feeding bottle that allows you to feed your baby naturally, throughout every growth phase, as it is the only bottle that is able to adapt to natural the changes in the sucking action of the babies as time goes by.
This is because  Chicco Step Up is the only feeding bottle which uses evolution teats, the only ones designed with a different shape according to the age of your baby. The special shape of these evolutional teats allow them to adapt perfectly to a baby's individual way of eating; this is something that develops over  the first few months, from simple squeezing of the nipples at the start, to strong sucking motions as he gets older.
An outstandingly superior solution  compared to a standard teats, where the only way they can be adapted to suit the special needs of growing babies is by changing the size of the teat holes to increase milk flow rates.

Step Up 2
•    Ribbed rings which help the baby position his tongue correctly and "squeeze" the teat with a natural sucking motion.
•    Anti-colic valve.
•    Extra-large rounded base which simulates the maternal breast.
Step Up 2 Feeding Bottle - Adjustable Flow - Plastic 0% BPA - 250 ml

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