Woohoo (Taiwan) Creative Toy Organizer

Woohoo (Taiwan) Creative Toy Organizer
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This toy organizer can be easily assemble by using coin or screw drivers. 


Colorful designs are like sweet macarons which would make people feel happy, comfortable and relaxing.


The small carts can be linked together and pulled by a puller. Children can learn how to gather things by playing with the unique small carts.


The organizer is very strong and durable. 


The flat board is included in every set. To maximize the utility of the space, you can decide which tier to put the board at. Children can even draw or write on the board if the board is put at the suitable tier. 


The new patent design of changing tiers makes it easy, interesting and time-saving. It’s not necessary to disassemble the whole set anymore.


The rounded edges would prevent children from getting hurt. We insist on providing safe products and focusing on every tiny detail.ROUNDED



Children can cultivate the good habit of organizing and putting things in order happily when playing.

When parents teach children how to sort and gather toys, it would enhance and strengthen parent-child relationship.

The gentle colors and unique design can cultivate children’s sense of beauty and stimulate sense organs.

Children would use their imagination and creativity to think about how to allocate and use the space of boxes in different shapes and the flat board.

Children can learn how to cooperate with others when putting things in order together.

By pulling the carts around, children can learn the concept of space and distance and can coordinate the movement between hands, legs and eyes.


PRODUCT SIZE: L735mm x W385mm x H905mm

G.W. : 7.5KGS



Instruction for Using Carts:
Instruction for Assembling the Organizer:






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