WePlay Sensory Tactile Mat

WePlay Sensory Tactile Mat
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Sensory Tactile Mat

Mats with different shapes and textures for various stimulation.​

Product Details  
Name Sensory Tactile Mat
Brand WePlay (Taiwan)
Dimension L 47 × W 47 × H 3 cm 
Gross Weight  3.5kg
Material EVA (Aroma Free, Non-Toxic)
Content 6 pcs / set

Product Features

  • A lively shaped and vividly colored mat set with various textures to enhance tactile sensitivity. The mats can also be pieced together for more ways of playing. The mat is aroma free and non-toxic.
  • Different textures for various stimulations.
  • The mats can be pieced from flat to three-dimension and enhance the concept of space.
  • Cognition、sensory and creativity enhancement.

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