EVA Floor mat 1m x 1m x 20mm (Set of 4pcs)

EVA Floor mat 1m x 1m x 20mm (Set of 4pcs)
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EVA Foam is a soft, yet durable polymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate commonly used in flooring, but also in sports equipment,crafts, and set design. 
EVA foam flooring is perfect for exercise rooms, gyms, weight rooms, trade shows, martial arts studios, and more. 
Foam mats easily interlock for quick installation and removal. 
They can be transported, stored, and reinstalled without hassle or difficulty. 

Material is comfortable, providing just the right amount of cushioning for safe and comfortable exercise, play, and work. 
EVA foam also absorbs noise - an added bonus for a weight room or work room. 
Mats have good grip, so they won't slide across slick floors. 

Product Features
comfortable and easy to use 
sturdy and durable
easy cleaning or safety
attractive and affordable choice for any surface that demands cushioning
material is nontoxic, as well as soft for falls 

Made In Malaysia  


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