Carrom Foldable Plastic Board

Carrom Foldable Plastic Board
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Carrom is an ancient Burmese game that is related to skills displayed in pool or snooker but easier to master. Players use their fingers as a cue to strike the carrom striker while aiming a carrom seed to pocket it into a corner.

The SPM ® Carrom ™ is designed to improve hygiene, encourage portability and increase product life. One of its best innovative feature is its ‘powder-free’ playing board. This is made possible by using special surface treatment to the plastic playing board during manufacturing. No longer will players have to suffer from inhaling toxic powder and be hassle with un-smooth playing surface.

Carrom seeds will never get lost again as they are neatly stored in the four corner pockets. So no need for a separate box to store them. Cleaning of the carrom board is so easy now as you can virtually wash it with soap and water. Given its light weight nature, carrying around even for children is not a problem.

It has been shown that by playing carrom, it improves hand-eye coordination and magnifies spatial sensitivity.

This carrom is foldable and has a board size of 54 X 54cm. It has a brown coloured frame.


1x foldable playing board
1x set of carrom seeds
1x instruction manual

Suitable for ages 5 years old & above.

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