Haenim (Korea) Signature Baby Room With Activity Center (Sky Blue) with Color Foldable Play Mat

Haenim (Korea) Signature Baby Room With Activity Center (Sky Blue) with Color Foldable Play Mat
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Brand: Haenim Toys
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Signature Baby Room With Activity Center (Sky Blue) with Color Foldable Play Mat​

This Signature baby room helps babies develop their 5 senses while playing with 5 different playsets in the activity wall
and kids favorite. ​

Product Details  
Name Signature Baby Room With Activity Center (Sky Blue) 
Brand Haenim (Korea) 
Dimension L 2180 x W 1160 x H 610mm
Box Size L 820 x W 420 x H 620mm 
Gross Weight 13.5kg
Material PP/PE


Product Details  
Name HN-801 Foldable Play Mat
Brand Haenim (Korea) 
Dimension L 1960 x W 1850 x H 40mm
Box Size L 1240 x W 185 x H 510mm
Gross Weight 3.7kg
Material PP/PE

Product Features

  • Attractive color
    • The lovely colors will inspire kids build up their cognitive and emotional development.
  • Safety design
    • Double door lock system and round molded end are generated from our design value of "the First Priority of safety for kids." 
    • All round molded design enhance safety for kids and the lovely bear will always be close to your kids 
    • Double door lock system does not allow kids to open door from the inside. ​
    • The Square rubber pads are helpful to minimize the slipping of the walls. 
  • Design your own play zone
    • ​Various shapes with difference combinations of walls allow you to create your own playzone. 
    • The fun activity wall including phones, gears, windows and spinning balls provide hours of fun. 
    • Kids will love talking on the phone and setting the gears in motion. 
    • Add a wall to your basic baby room to create a more spacious and diverse baby room. 
  • Sense building
    • Features a variety of kid's favorite melodies and lights while pressing the buttons on the melody board and various activities,
    • helpful for kids for their development of auditory sense and stimulating curiosity . 


Foldable Play Mat

  • The dual-sided colors can create its wide variety of moods. 
    • The difference on each side offer a choice of ambience. 
  • Non-toxic material are harmless to humans.
    • The  material is made of safe, non-toxic PE material that is KC certified 
  • Easily to clean.
    • Clean it with a rag or a single wipe. 
  • Noice Reduction.
  • Safety priority design.
    • The zipper are internally hidden to prevent from child opening by an accident. 
  • Flexibility
    • it can also be used to transform into sofa, used as a tunnel play, and an indoor sport area. 

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