Simulation Life Cycle Set

 Simulation Life Cycle Set
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Let our children start the journey to discover the life cycle of animal. This set Includes different major stages in the lives of animal. Children can see how animals change and grow, with true-to-life details, active poses, these life cycle model figures can easily help capture kids's attention and spark imaginative play, Ideal for education on Ocean species, environmental awareness, and natural history.


There are 5 packages in a set including:

  • Frog
  • Butterfly
  • Sea Turtle
  • Chicken
  • Plant

Material: Plastic



✨This is a good way to expand children’s development through physical science

✨ Children can see how animals change and grow. Fine details show the different stages of an animal’s development

✨Made of durable PVC plastic, non-toxic and reusable, convenient to use

✨Fun and educational for both boys and girls, wonderful educational toys

✨Unique figure textures and colorful details help stimulate children’s creativity

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