WePlay Balance Himalayas - 1 set 6 pcs

WePlay Balance Himalayas - 1 set 6 pcs
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Brand: WePlay
Product Code: WP-1002
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Product Details: 

Name      WePlay Balance Himalayas
Brand      WePlay
Component      Path Total 6pcs
  • Yellow 3pcs
  • Green 3pcs
Product Size
(L x W x H)
     84.2 x 33.5 x 17.9 (cm)
Package Size
(L x W x H)
     87 x 34.3 x 34.3 (cm)
Product Weight      7.5kg
Package Weight      9kg
Maximum Weight      80kg
Suitable Age      3y+

Product Features:

  • There is a steep and flat hill on the single Path. The up-and-down ridge is narrow and twisting. It creates a challenge for children to balance when walking on it.
  • The sides of the ridge provide space for children to place their steps. They can walk on both sides with their legs apart or along the narrow side to the other end.
  • Arranging the Paths side by side forms a valley which is suitable for younger children to wander on. Older children can walk on the ridges of different Paths.
  • The Paths can be configured as curves, turns and circles. It can also be connected with Wavy Tactile Path, creating a variety of balancing routes.
  • The anti-slip patterns are inspired by the clouds over the mountain and a river flowing in the valley. The designs appeal to children and ensure safety.
  • The Paths are stackable for easy storage.

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