WePlay Wavy Tactile Path Blue

WePlay Wavy Tactile Path Blue
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Create a fun sensory and balance activity with the 8 Piece Wavy Blue Tactile Path. This innovative kid’s toy is built to offer the perfect tactile sensory intensity and an ergonomic design so it fits nicely against the arch of a child's foot. The path takes the idea of a balance bean to a new level by creating a series of hills and valleys.

The Wavy Tactile Board Set can be arranged into curvy or linear patterns to provide users with multiple ways of playing. This can help stimulate motor planning by allowing children to experience a variety of configurations and you can even allow them to create their own improving imagination and planning skills.
The slight slopes on the 4 sides of the board not only offer balance control for the front and back, but also stimulate the left and right balance.

• enhances muscle development
• provides tactile sensory stimulation
• improves vestibular balance
• helps coordination
• creates a calming effect
• improves reaction time
• improves motor planning abilities
• helps kids learn to adapt to new environments
• improves self confidence
• helps cultivate children's spatial awareness as they create new pathway designs

Applicable Age : 3 years & up
Components – 8 pcs / set
Maximum Loading 80 kg
WE-KT0009-00B Blue

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